Emerging young wahine animator sharing her passion

Emerging young wahine animator sharing her passion

DNA is excited to announce that an emerging young wahine prodigy is  joining us to take DNA members through a 12 week illustration and animation progamme.

Animator & Illustrator Sasha Rotherham will be taking DNA’s lastest rounds of workshops. Sasha is a graduate of Animation College and co-founder of Kumara Patch, NZ’s first wahine Maori owned animation studio. She has worked on a number of independent projects including Fierce Girls, NZ-Canadian experimental webseries and Upoko Kohua a 12 episode animated series in te reo Maori. Sasha and her partner have created a new studio, BlackMyst and are working on a series of projects.

“For this course, we will be exploring the 12 basic principles and how they impact the world of animation. These workshops are designed for those with limited knowledge of animation, but have a keen interest and wish to gain a deeper understanding of digital storytelling”, explains Sasha.

The process students will be learning reflects the animation pipeline providing a solid foundation from which to build and explore new skills and tools.

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“Throughout the duration of this course, I will be taking the students through the process of creating original characters and creatures. Students are required to use a variety of concepts and ideas. We will also be holding life and observational drawing sessions to improve appeal and accurate proportions.”

If you are interested we have two workshop streams: