Esports, child development & wellbeing: a Teacher’s Guide #techweek19

Esports, child development & wellbeing: a Teacher’s Guide #techweek19

Digital Natives Academy (DNA), a Rotorua based non-profit has teamed up with Riot Games, one of the largest gaming companies in the world to launch an innovative well-being and esports education programme.

Techweek 2019

To celebrate this partnership, and help put some shizzle into Techweek 2019, Digital Natives Academy and Riot Games will co-deliver 3 types of workshops (for teachers, parents & students). Alongside the workshops, we are running a competitive esports tournament with a $10k prize pool.

Teacher Workshop Overview

Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends  – which has more than 100 million active players a month, has partnered with DNA.

Together they have co-designed a programme using League of Legends which introduces teachers, parents, families and young people to esports and the concept of high performance mindsets and helps young people understand the impact of positive behaviour on overall well-being. Together they will deliver key messages on mental health, respectful relationships, sportsmanship and resilience via a series of innovative workshops.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Teachers, Teacher Aids, educators anyone who spends time in a classroom (at schools or at home) or who works with schools and education providers.
  • Parents who homeschool their children
  • Principals who are interested in integrating esports into their schools

Guest Speakers

Ivan Davies | Riot Games

Riot Games’ Social Play and Community Manager, Ivan Davies will be flying in from their Sydney HQ to share his insights as a former teacher and lead on the new Learn with League initiative, which has been designed to help young people, parents, and teachers explore how League of Legends can provide a structure to collaboratively learn and prepare for life.

Andy “Cupcake” van der Vyver | Chiefs Esports Club

Andy “Cupcake” van der Vyver is a professional esports player and coach.  Before playing esports professionally Andy was in the US on a tennis scholarship.  Andy went on to compete at the highest levels of esports and has represented OCE internationally. He now coaches for the Chiefs Esports Club. Andy will share his personal and professional experiences working as a player and coach and discuss the similarities and differences between sports and esports.


To provide greater insight into the behaviour patterns that exist in online competitive play; what underpins these behaviours, and how we can best utilise esports (through connection and the nature of competitive play) and how parents can support meaningful behavioural change.

Interactive Discussion

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the behaviour patterns that exist in online competitive play
  • Discuss what and how we can learn from online competitive play through the lens of League of Legends
  • Outline key principles and approaches to cultivating positive and productive interaction
  • Consider the role of the teacher and school

These workshops will require participation in a range of activities that require light physical activity so please dress accordingly (flat soled shoes, comfortable and flexible clothing etc).

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